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Taste Japan's Finest Cuisine at Sasabune Beverly Hills

At Sasabune Beverly Hills, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest and finest fish from Japan. Our chef is dedicated to creating an omakase experience tailored to our customers' tastes, ensuring they get a unique and unforgettable dining experience. To further enhance this experience, we provide an extensive assortment of Japanese sake, crafted with care by the most skilled artisans.

Our menu includes a variety of classic sushi rolls as well as carefully selected sakes to complement each dish. We serve sushi such as classic nigiri, unagi sauce sushi, and handmade noodles such as ramen. The chef uses traditional sushi-making methods while incorporating his own creative touches to make sure each dish is delicately crafted and flavorful.

Furthermore, the owner of this restaurant has been the owner for five years. Before that, he had worked for Chef Nobi for 13 years, learning the sushi-making style and business philosophy from the previous owner. When Chef Nobi was about to retire, he was unfortunately taken away from the world by an illness.

At Sasabune Beverly Hills, we prioritize quality over quantity, allowing us to create the most wonderful and savory dishes. We focus on serving omakase courses with a wide selection of high-quality sake for an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

We make it our mission to provide the most unique dining experience possible, creating extraordinary dishes and the perfect atmosphere. Our staff is highly trained and ready to make your visit unforgettable. Stop by today and let us make your taste buds dance. Give us a call at (310) 859-3878 and experience traditional Japanese cuisine at its finest.

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