Omakase Course

Omakase Course

Japanese omakase course

For our adventurous customers who would like to …
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Regular Omakase course

This course includes the best fish of the day …
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Lunch Omakase

includes Miso soup / Salad 9 Pieces of SushiHand …
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About Us

Taste Japan's Finest Cuisine at Sasabune Beverly Hills

At Sasabune Beverly Hills, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest and finest fish from Japan. Our chef is dedicated to creating an omakase experience tailored to our customers' tastes, ensuring they get a unique and unforgettable dining experience. To further enhance this experience, we provide an extensive ...

Experience an Authentic Culinary Journey at Our Restaurant

We are proud of the individual recommendations we offer our guests. Each dish is carefully selected to highlight the best of the season and to highlight the unique flavor profiles of each fish. Our menu items vary from day to day, depending on which fish is the most flavorful that particular day. With constant ...